With sneaker prices continuing to climb, you probably often wonder just how much it costs to make the shoe, and in turn, how much are brands profiting off of such products? Thankfully, Sole Review recently unleashed a detailed breakdown of these statistics, so that you can be aware of the markup.

They took a look at 22 models from adidas, ASICS and Nike, and in turn highlight what it costs to produce each of them. They also took into account various colorways, as color sometimes determines the price as well.

First off, you'll see that your coveted YEEZY Boost 750, which retails for $350 USD, only costs $76 USD to produce. But if you're a reseller, you can still probably — at least somewhat — live with that.

Now on to Nike — their $190 USD Air Max 2016 is produced for $33 USD, making that a markup of almost 600 percent.

So as you're surely somewhat pissed off right now, you may be asking yourself, "What factors come into play in that significant markup?" Well, everything from shipping to insurance and customs fees effects the price of the shoe. Oh, but let's not forget, retailers purchase these sneakers for half price.

Regardless, there is certainly much to digest, but to get the full, detailed breakdown of sneaker costs, markups, etc., follow on over to Sole Review.

Sorry if we put a damper on your day a bit, but blame it on the shoe companies.

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