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Inspired by ’70s New York hip-hop culture and obviously also baseball culture, American luxury brand COACH has dropped its new Patchwork C210 leather high top sneakers for Fall 2016. With its men’s collection having made big steps over the last few seasons, the sneaker offering of COACH is moving at a fast pace as well. The above new high top sneaker is the brand’s own take on the iconic Nike Air Force 1. It reminds us a little of what Celine has done for women over the last few years. Luxurious leathers on the upper meet a chunky athletic sole on the bottom. The outcome is a truly luxurious take on the icon in a timeless colorway, that still turn heads due to its many great details, ranging from the patchwork upper colors to the baseball glove stitching. You can pick up the new COACH sneaker now from MR PORTER.

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