Shop 9 of the Finest Slip-On Sneakers & Say Goodbye to Laces

Laces. Urgh. Who needs them? Seriously. They come undone all the time, they’re easily dirtied, and they look whack when frayed at the tips. Have we really come that far as a species when we’re still relying on laces to keep our shoes together?

In comes the slip-on. Not only do they look great, but they’re practical as hell (the clue is in the name). For traveling or casual day-to-day wear, the slip-on is footwear at its expedient best. Once you have them on, you never have to worry about the coming back off. They’re the closest thing anyone will ever get to wearing slippers in public without looking insane.

Slip-ons look dope when paired with jeans or shorts, and it’s this versatility which makes them a summer essential. If you’re still wasting X amount of your life tying up bits of lace like a chump, then it’s time to invest. From cheap to steep, you’ll find 10 of our recent favorites below.

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