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Skaters seemingly love shredding in luxury sneakers. New York’s Jenkem Magazine previously skated both YEEZYs and Gucci loafers, mainly to troll sneakerheads, but now Illroots are putting a pair Prada sneakers to the test in the company’s first-ever skate video.

Wearing red velcro strap Prada sneakers, the short clip sees skater and music producer Digital Nas do a variety of tricks, including a front boardslide, hardflip, fakie grind, tre flip and crooked grind.

He’s also joined by fellow skaters Ish Cepeda, Alex Midler and Zion Wright. Surprisingly, the Pradas seem to be in one piece by the end of it. Watch the clip above.

In other news, Givenchy’s Vans-inspired George Sneaker will make you do a double-take.

  • Main & Featured Image: Illroots / Instagram
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