Prada recently brought back its technical sports and lifestyle sub-label Linea Rossa.

Those around in the late ’90s will need no introduction to the line, easily identifiable by its iconic red Prada sports stripe (the linea rossa), which is Instagram catnip these days. Linea Rossa offers a sporty twist on high fashion, the precisely cut clothing sometimes padded and finished with a matte, rubbery veneer. Throw in some neon colors and it looks utterly otherworldy, like gear you'd don to a warehouse rave on Mars.

First teased at Prada's FW18 show in January (alongside those headline-stealing $1,700 banana bowling shirts), Linea Rossa received two huge co-signs this weekend when Kanye West and A$AP Rocky were pictured wearing it.

On Friday night, West attended Ralph Lauren's 50th-anniversary bash, pairing a brilliant orange Linea Rossa jacket with Prada Cinéma sunglasses, Ralph Lauren suit, and strap sandals. (Later in the evening, he traded the jacket for a fan's brown Carhartt bomber.)

Kanye has never hidden his affinity for Prada, recently tweeting that Miuccia Prada is his "godmom." Memorably, the Italian house's "Impossible True Love" shirt became something of an "it" item when West stepped out in it with his chest exposed two years ago.

Rocky is another with Prada Sport on the brain. On Instagram, he posted a photo of himself in a dazzling green Linea Rossa ensemble. Never afraid to mix colors, the rapper finished his ’fit with blue and black Prada Cloudbust sneakers.

Rocky's stylist Matthew Henson later shared a photo showing the rapper wearing the same jacket as West, rocking an all-orange ’fit, right down to the Prada shades.

And before Kanye and Rocky, there was Migos. As shared by their stylist Zoe Costello, the trio wore corresponding Linea Rosa at their Madison Square Garden show last month.

Which ’fit was your favorite? Let us know below. You can find out where to cop Prada Linea Rossa here.

In other news, Balenciaga has come through with one of its boldest Triple S sneakers yet.

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