We when we think Bally, we imagine glossy leather loafers donned by a slick businessman at his three-martini lunch. As much as we would love to indulge in copious amounts of gin at lunch time, we're here to showcase an entirely different lifestyle Bally is targeting.

As style trends continue to become more and more casual, luxury brands are offering a wider range of goods to fit today's new man. While you can't wear sneakers on Wall Street, Bally is nonetheless offering some dapper trainers for the Fall/Winter 2015 season. Our favorites include the toned down Herald Slip-On and the athletic Ascar Trainer, although we wouldn't dare work out in these. And if you're going to go Bally, you might as well go big -- we suggest the Havana Alligator Slip-On Trainers. Now the question is, what does someone in $9,400 slip-ons eat for lunch?

See the full offering online at Bally.

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