It's fashion season in Milan and the highly anticipated Prada menswear FW19 collection and women's Pre-Fall collection debuted at the Fondazione Prada last night.

To recap, Prada was one of 2018's hottest brands thanks in part to the combined success of that half-and-half shirt and a surge of interest in the brand's relaunched Linea Rossa luxe sportswear line. This created a lot of buzz ahead of the label's latest collection.

The first look on the runway, a simple two-piece suit worn sans shirt or socks was followed by a series of increasingly complex styles that included multiple belts at once — belts are back? — chunky cable knitwear with hearts safety-pinned to the chest, military-style two-pieces, leather dusters, and men carrying small iPhone-shaped bags as well as more robust backpacks.

Riffing on the success of last season's short-sleeve shirts, Prada FW19 introduced a fresh batch of loud AF prints, including Frankenstein (well, Frankenstein's monster to be specific), lightning bolts, and bleeding hearts — think early ’00s emo but make it fashion.

On foot, models walked in blue acrylic platform lace-ups, studded loafers, and a new series of chunky sneakers – the cloudburst "thunder" – that veered more toward a kind of hiking-style boot than the bulky dadcore trend that has been popular in recent seasons.

It wouldn't be Prada without a few brain-challenging combinations of colors and fabrics, meaning moss green cable knits with lilac fur shoulders, periwinkle blue shirts with shiny metallic embellishments, and cardigans worn over blazers.

These formal-cum-military-cum-librarian looks were worn in combination with what was possibly FW19's most OTT headwear so far: Russian-style ushanka hats with furry ear flaps hanging in lurid shades of purple, green, and red. It's possible that the earlier Frankenstein print tapped into a wider theme for the show, with the styling combinations becoming increasingly mixed, matched, and clashing —monstrous, even — as the show progressed.

As one of the biggest shows on the fashion calendar, Prada attracted some big names onto the runway, including Gigi Hadid and The Fashion Awards' recently crowned Model of the Year Kaia Gerber, rocking mullet hairstyles, corsets, and a pleated version of the periwinkle shirts worn by the men.

Let us know your thoughts on the Prada FW19 collection below.

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