Who: Jeff Goldblum

The outfit he’s wearing: Prada coat, Gucci blazer and turtleneck, Acne Studios jeans, Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses.

Location: Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah

Why it works: Wearing white and cream together is one of the trickiest sartorial moves in the book, but it's child's play for style master Jeff Goldblum. The two shades play off each other perfectly in this ’fit.

Editor’s notes: Jeff Goldblum is 66 years old. Sixty-six! Most guys that age are busy mowing the lawn in Nike Air Monarchs and ill-fitting dad jeans, not flexing on the red carpet in a Prada, Gucci, and Acne ensemble.

If Miuccia Prada is the high priestess of fashion, then Goldblum is one of her biggest disciples. We already know about the actor's prowess when it comes to half-and-half summer shirts, but here he proves he's just as canny when it comes to dressing for winter.

Wearing all white in a nonchalant, louche way when others might look like try-hards, Goldblum looks like the cool science teacher who you always wanted but unfortunately never existed. If there's one lesson here, kids, it's that age is only a number and no getup is off limits so long as you have the confidence.

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