prada marchesi 1824 bakery london

Prada is slated to open a new location for its legendary Marchesi 1824 bakery in London, according to Vogue. The historic Milanese bakery part-owned by Prada, first opened in Milan, Italy in 1824, and it’s situated above the brand’s flagship Galleria store in Milan.

The stunning bakery is renowned for its delicious treats, as well as its aesthetically pleasing presentation with the usage of vibrant pastel colors, vintage cherry wood counters, stunning antique glass displays, elegant interior designs and more.

Beginning April, the new Marchesi 1824 bakery will be opening on Mount Street, one of London’s most stylish destinations in the historic Mayfair district of London. In addition to its classic offerings, the bakery will also serve traditional panettone, sugared almonds, colorful chocolates and many other treats. Furthermore, an espresso bar will be included for a real taste of authentic Italy.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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