As the presidential run is ramping up Stateside, discussions of political policies and bureaucratic stratagems abound in the news. Here in the Highsnobiety offices, our minds have been occupied by a slightly different train of thought: presidential sneakers.

While it’s well-known that American heritage footwear marque Johnson & Murphy has been outfitting presidential feet with bespoke footwear for several generations, there are several documented instances when America’s commander-in-chief opted to flex in something a bit more street savvy.

Barack Obama

Obama certainly isn’t the only president to be spotted rocking trainers, but over the years Barack has been laced with a few prime articles of footwear, leaving us curious as to what Barack’s closet is looking like these days. Last summer, the current president stopped by the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregan, and walked away with a few gems (to go along with his Jordan Spizikes), including a one-off hybrid Nike Air Force 1, a pair of Flyknits, and the first pair of the Jordan MTM—a new Air Jordan design, according to Swoosh CEO Mark Parker.

But Obama also has friends at adidas, namely Kanye West, who gifted a set of Yeezy Boosts to his fellow Chicagoan.

New Balance also pitched in a pair of made-in-USA 990s for the prez.

Bill Clinton

During his two terms as president, Bill Clinton was adamant about jogging, prioritizing this activity as a way to stay in shape, but also as a way to show face to American voters. On occasion, Clinton was also known to lace up a pair of ASICS, even hitting the pavement with the Vice-President at the time Al Gore.

George Bush Sr.

George Bush Sr. hasn’t necessarily left behind a legacy of steez, although one sneaker moment in his tenure is certainly stands out. Nike graced the elder Bush with a pair of “Air Pres” Nike Air Max 90s, which were spotted on-foot on more occasion than one.

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