Ahead of Solemart Berlin Summer 2015, we reached out to two vastly different resellers, Achildcolor and Approved Sneakers, to learn more about the do's and don'ts of after-market sneaker selling.

With trade show season in full effect as part of the numerous fashion weeks taking place around the world, sneaker exhibitions are following suit. Although Sneakerness madness is a few months behind us, we've got Solemart Berlin to look forward to this weekend. One of the industry's foremost events, Solemart has made a name for themselves across Europe as a trusted name in the ever-popular sneaker game. Dozens of resellers and thousands of sneakerheads descend upon their seasonal exhibitions to buy, sell, trade and browse everything from the just-dropped adidas Yeezy Boost 350 to perennial classics like the very, very first Air Jordan 1.

Ahead of Solemart Berlin Summer 2015, we reached out to two well-known sneaker slingers, Achildcolor and Approved Sneakers, to learn more about the tricks of the trade. Check out their tips below and make sure to drop by if you find yourself in the German capital this Sunday, July 5.

On what sneaker resellers should always do

Approved: Be on top of your game, and be honest and true to yourself and others.

On what sneaker resellers should never do

Achildcolor: You should never get too greedy!

Approved: Flake, scam or be dishonest. Your reputation is everything.

On return policies

Approved: If bought on the webshop you can get your money returned through Paypal, including shipping costs in some cases. Usually though, most people are happy to finally get the grail they were looking for!

On the latest and greatest

Achildcolor: If you want to be a good reseller, you have to get the latest releases, but I would never cop a pair that I don't personally like.

Approved: Approved Sneakers is an expert at finding exclusive and vintage/OG sneakers from way before 2010. This mix of the most sought-after quickstrikes and grails of the last decade makes Approved Sneakers a bit different than your standard reseller. (At least that's what they tell us.)

On transporting sneakers from storage to show

Achildcolor: By car and double boxed.

Approved: It all depends but we keep our sneakers close to us. We sleep between them if needed.

On the starting price

Achildcolor: If I can't find a trade and have to sell them, it would be the price I've paid for them with a little reparation for the time I've invested.

Approved: That's the trickiest part. We've become known as a reseller with reasonable prices with respect to others. But we always think of it as providing a service for those who don't have the hookup, knowledge or time to cop those sneakers or find those grails. You can buy them from us at reasonable prices but, ultimately, the market dictates the price.

On bargaining

Achildcolor: Bargaining is a big part of buying something at a sneaker exhibition. Don't show the seller you're interested. That's the best tip.

On preparing sneakers for display

Achildcolor: The only thing I do before is attach a new price tag.

Approved: Always keep them clean and in a dry place. Some vintage sneakers we keep in plastic bags (need to ventilate them at least once a year). Our setup time is always a bit hectic with so many sneakers but we always manage to have them displayed nicely.

On displaying sneakers

Achildcolor: You don't need expensive showcases. They are sneakers; they will speak for themselves.

Approved: We keep our grails and exhibition pairs behind glass or behind us. Sometimes we hang them or put them high up. It all depends on the space we are getting.

On spotting fakes

Approved: If the price is too good to be true. If you think you can get a steal nowadays, it's almost always because something is not correct. Most people would rather pay a little extra and buy from a trusted source, like us, than go to the dark corners of the internet and buy from shady marketplaces. That's the best advice I can give people: if you don’t how to spot a fake, buy from a trusted source or do a legit-check on social media.


On the naysayers

Approved: We're confident that the way we do business makes people want to sell/buy/trade with us. I myself have been a big Jordan collector and sneakerlover for a long time with a good reputation. In addition to reselling, we organize sneaker events and concepts purely for the love of sneakers. In that way, we show the public we're not just in it for the money. Also, despite being old-school, we embrace the new generation of sneakerlovers. These are the collectors of the future, so no hate but all love.

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