From the ground up

Sneaker storage is a problem that every active sneakerhead is going to have to face whether they like it or not. Unlike collecting records or stamps (mail is dead, does anyone still do that?), a sneaker collection takes up space, a lot of it. But since no one’s going to stop buying shoes anytime soon, what is there to do? Fear not, for Boston-based footwear designer Jacob Garcia has found a solution in Sole Stacks, his custom-made storage system set to redefine your closet space.

Garcia, just like you, found his ever-growing collection of kicks to be overwhelming, and so he put his design skills to good use. Sole Stacks employs a triangular design that is built around the shape of the shoe, maximizing spatial abilities. And unlike most shoe racks you’ll find, the Sole Stacks organize your sneakers from the side, showing off your kicks in a far more practical and aesthetically pleasing way.

Sole Stacks are currently up on Kickstarter, so go fund it to make it a reality. Check out the campaign’s video below.

In the latest sneaker news, the Nike Air Max Zero has now arrived in all black and all white.

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