While Nike's been teasing the future of footwear for years now, the enterprising folk at +rehabstudio have gone one better and taken next-gen technology into their own hands, and onto their own feet. As part of the creative agency's latest monthly hack week (they do a lot of great stuff), they've compiled a series of existing and soon-to-be-existing technologies to produce Shift: a mockup of what would be the world's first fully chameleonic sneakers. That's shoes that can change color at the press of a button, for those who don't speak nerd.

Making use of such serious-sounding components as "phase change fibers," "thermochromic fabrics" and "conductive threads," the +rehab team have traced out the blueprint for what could be the biggest paradigm shift in sneaker technology since Velcro. They've even produced a concept for an accompanying app that allows you to switch the color of your footwear to match your outfit, sync with your run, or interact with a friend. Just think of it as NIKEiD, only without the three-week delivery time.

To see a full breakdown of how this could be possible, visit the slick microsite. Then check out more insane technologies ready to change the face of fashion.

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