For its latest dive into the weird and wonderful world of user demographics, Pornhub has teamed up with SSENSE to provide a full breakdown of its viewers’ sneaker fetishes.

Landing in the top 20 of the site’s most common apparel-related searches, sneaker fetishes are apparently more common than you’d think. What's more, nearly half of Pornhub's top 10 brand searches are for footwear brands, with Converse, Nike, adidas, and Vans all featuring.

Pornhub found Pornhub Gay users to be more likely to search for sneaker-related porn — 1,124 percent more likely, in fact — with men more likely to search for sneaker-porn than women overall. Overall, the most popular sneaker-related search term is "sneaker worship," with “converse sneakers” and "sneaker sex" coming in second and third. "Sneaker trample," "sneaker lick," "smell sneakers," and “sneaker ballbusting" were among other popular search terms.

In geographic terms, Polish capital Warsaw is where most people hunt for sneaker-related porn, followed by Berlin and Milan. In the U.S., you folks in Columbus, Ohio appear most eager to get your kicks, so to speak.

Read the full breakdown over at Pornhub.

Did you even know sneaker fetishes were a thing? Let us know in the comments — just don't go into too much detail.

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