We’re thrilled to introduce the second episode of our brand new sneaker show, From the Ground Up. Last week, we put the spotlight on the evolution of the Jordan brand, but this week we’re diving into sneaker start ups.

We live in an age of start-ups, from apps to products. That includes sneakers. For our latest in depth discussion, host Pete Forester gives insight on how smaller brands make sneakers, the cost of creating silhouettes, and what you need to know if you want to break in the game.

To put things in perspective, sneaker editor Chris Danforth also breaks down how companies like adidas and Nike also began as small businesses before becoming the sportswear juggernauts they are today. Peter later sits down with associate designer J.M. Aiello from Caleres to discuss the many obstacles designers must overcome to bring a sneaker line to life, including the hefty financial investment.

We wrap up the episode with a roundtable discussion featuring Highsnobiety‘s editorial director Jian Deleon and creative director Bernie Gross from Extra Butter. The two influencers open up about the evolution of sneaker start ups and the different design processes major brands are using compared to smaller lines.

Check out our full in-depth conversation about sneaker start ups in episode above, and be sure to follow us on YouTube for new episodes of From the Ground Up. Next week we will shed light on Nike’s Air Max program to help celebrate Air Max Day.

Watch our previous episode of From the Ground Up exploring the past, present, and future of the Jordan brand.

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Words by Kyle Hodge
Staff Writer

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