Analysts at Morgan Stanley have predicted that Stephen Curry has the potential to best LeBron James in a war of who's able to sell more signature sneakers in the U.S. for the year, though it could prove to be very difficult.

Curry's footwear sponsor, Under Armour, has many high-profile ties in the industry, but doesn't have the spatial influence nor the brand recognition of a Nike or adidas, two companies the footwear and apparel maker hopes to close the gap on. Apparel numbers are down for the company, but Curry's endorsement of the brand has done wonders for its footwear division, with "sales hav[ing] meaningfully accelerated over the last two months, trending at a $160M annual sales run rate.”

Still, Under Armour faces an uphill battle, with Nike and its Jordan Brand subsidiary claiming over 90% of the basketball sneaker market in the U.S.

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