Jerry Seinfeld is the most important celebrity in sneaker culture, according to Complex. Sneaker industry fountain of knowledge Gary Warnett outlines at length the comedian's many, many footwear moments - which include Jordan Vs, Nike Air Trainers and even some Nike Shox - which cemented Seinfeld as one of the most famous, if low-key, sneakerheads in popular culture. Warnett - whose footwear knowledge is as encyclopedic as it gets - says the following on the comedy star's relevance in a sneaker culture obsessed with box-freshness and Instagram fame.

By never cowing to any notion of cool, Jerry Seinfeld was as hip as it ever got. While to see him in boutiques looking at retro shoes makes me feel melancholic, in a world where someone would actually call themselves influencers and brand ambassadors on LinkedIn and everyone’s keen to do everything else with their shoes—drawing them, putting them on a t-shirt, giving them a little party and taking pretty pictures—except actually wearing them to the ground, Seinfeld is more relevant than ever.

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