From the ground up

After meeting up with Cam’ron and Jim Jones, it’s only right that Complex round out the trifecta by going sneaker shopping with Juelz Santana, in Harlem no less.

While browsing the shelves, talk kicked off surrounding Air Force 1s, the classics, then shifting to the recently-released SF-AF1 that Juelz revealed he is indeed into. Later, the conversation transitioned from Forces to another NY staple, Timbs, before Santana ultimately touched on a little something that the hip-hop world will not let die, a possible Dipset reunion.

Lastly, Juelz dished on his legendary Nike commercial with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

To see what all went down while Juelz Santana went sneaker shopping with Complex in Harlem, press play above.

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