We pick up where we left off and introduce a new format to our popular Sneaker Rotation series. Kicking off the update is Andy Knight, proud owner of some of the rarest Nikes on earth.

Our latest Sneaker Rotation features Andy Knight, the founder of UK-based streetwear brand KNOWN and the co-owner of streetwear store The Forum. As it stands, Andy's collection of Nike Air Max 1's is one of the rarest in the world; he even has 87 pairs of Air Max 1's in honor of the year the first pair was ever created.

True to form in an all Nike Sneaker Rotation, Andy's favorite pieces include the Nike Air Max 1 ‘"Kidrobot" 2005, the Nike x Patta x Parra "Burgundy Patta" from 2010, and the Nike Air Max 1 "Chili" of 2003. Plus the Nike Air Max 1 Powerwall "BRS," the fresh Powerwall "Lemonade," "Grape," and finally the "Ben Drury" from 2006.

We asked Andy a few questions as to why these styles stand out.

Nike Air Max 1 "Kidrobot" (2005)

Sold exclusively at Barneys in NYC, one of the highest quality 87's to ever be produced in my opinion. The black and pink color combo is dope.

Nike x Patta x Parra "Burgundy Patta" (2010)

One of the most hyped from the 5th Anniversary pack. Releasing five different colors ways back in 2000, these are my favorite from the drop. This pair was actually signed by Tinker Hatfield at "Sneakerness" a few years back so they're extra special to me.

Nike Air Max 1 "Chili" (2003)

One of my first pairs and one of my favorites. Simplicity on my favorite Air Max 1 shapes.

Nike Air Max 1 Powerwall "BRS" (2005)

Released in 144 pairs and named after Nike's original company; Blue Ribbon Sports. Bit of a weird color combo but I love them all the same.

Nike Air Max 1 Powerwall "Lemonade" (2005)

Released in 144 pairs. I love the use of 3M on these. Dope colorway. An instant classic to me.

Nike Air Max 1 "Grape" (2004)

Simple colorway executed to perfection. One of the few Air Max 1's released with the mini-Swoosh which I think is a beautiful touch on these.

Nike Air Max 1 "Ben Drury" (2006)

One of my favorite Air Max to wear; 3M is perfect! Ben is an infamous UK artists and the phrase "Hold Tight" on the tongue is a dope touch.

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