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We’re already encroaching on summer, and some of the year’s biggest musical festivals like Coachella, Roskilde, and Glastonbury are right around the corner.

But for sneakerheads, festivals are fraught with danger, so making the right footwear choice is essential. Luckily, sneaker cleaning products abound these days, especially from our favorite brands like Jason Markk and Crep Protect. We tapped some of our friends and seasoned festivalgoers to find out what they’re rocking to this summer’s biggest music events, and to see what else they will be carrying in their bags.

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Name: Jess Gavigan aka Juice Gee.

Festival of Choice: I spend most of my summer at festivals, but my favorites in the UK are Secret Garden Party, Gottwood and FARR. In terms of events abroad, I like Worldwide Festival in Sète and Dimensions Festival in Croatia.

Gear: Ravpower portable charger. With the amount of videos and stuff I make, having a portable charger is a life saver. Also disposable cameras, I usually fill one per day.

Kicks: If I’m going to a UK festival, there’s a high probability of rain, so I won’t usually pack my best, but I love fancy dress, so my kicks usually compliment my outfit. I’ll wear a colorful pair like my Nike Air Max 90 “Flamingo,” or for example if I’m wearing an all-silver outfit I’ll wear my Nike Lunar Max 1 “Apollo 11.” I like to wear monotone outfits with matching kicks.

If I’m travelling to a festival abroad, I’ll pack some lighter, breathable shoes like Nike Frees, or Roshes, but again I’ll color coordinate them with my bikinis and caps! Any festival I go to, I usually have at least three pairs of kicks with me, just in case.

Festival Hacks: Bring sunscreen, because the weather in England is so temperamental, you never know when you’ll need it. Also, always carry a set of earplugs, especially if you’re camping and want to get a relatively early night, always handy, also good in the rave if you like being by the speaker. Glitter too, I never go to a festival without gems and glitter, it brightens up every outfit and you can share with your friends and the people you meet. Bumbags are essential, across the shoulder and small so you only pack essentials for the day, dragging around a backpack all day is long! Face wipes and hand sanitizer are your best friends. I usually bring plastic bags and a spare pair of kicks – if it rains you can wrap them around your kicks so they don’t get messed up.

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Name: Luke Matthews.

Festival of Choice: Wireless & Leeds Festival.

Gear: iPhone 7 Plus, Mophie Powerstation, Bicycle playing cards & Jason Markk Quick Wipes.

Kicks: Fresh Nike Air Force 1s or Vans Authentics.

Festival Hacks: Buy a cheap phone to sit alongside your iPhone (the battery will easily last the duration) and make sure you’re carrying cash, nobody wants to waste their weekend queueing at a cash point.


Name: Selma Kaci Sebbagh.

Festival of Choice: We Love Green.

Gear: Water, sunglasses, at least two rubber bands for hair, and the most important, a disposable camera.

Kicks: The only criteria is black and comfortable, so I would pick triple-black Nike Prestos or black Sock Darts, because grass is the worst enemy of your white or light kicks.

Festival Hacks: Come early to We Love Green, because there are a ton of food trucks with incredible food, and you will want to have a taste for sure. Also, stay far away from the guy who has had too much to drink and just took a new pint of beer, because he won’t be able to dance with his full glass, and will spill beer on your shoes for sure.

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Name: Saskia van Hofwegen.

Festival of Choice: Pitch Amsterdam.

Gear: iPhone 7, portable Mophie charger, candy (very important!), face mist and wet wipes to fresh up, clean my sneakers or for the nasty toilets at the venue!

Kicks: Nike’s Air Woven is comfy and light to keep you going all day and night.

Festival Hacks: Stay hydrated! Drink water in between alcoholic beverages. And if you don’t want anyone to step on your kicks, use the most ridiculous dance moves to keep people at a distance. That’s a good tip, but you’re not impressing the cute guys!

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Name: Bob Kulawiak.

Festival of Choice: Coachella, Splash.

Gear: Fuji X-100T, Supreme x Pelican case, Apple Smart Battery Case

Kicks: Nike Flyknit Racer or adidas Ultra Boost. Comfy, lightweight and breathable.

Festival Hacks: Wear sunscreen, drink a lot of water (bring your own drinking bottle for free refills), Crep Protect for clean kicks on every festival day. Pack light and warm for the cold nights.

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