Earlier this year we got wind of a teenage sneaker dealer, Benjamin Kickz, that is already responsible for nearly $1 million USD in shoe sales to the likes of DJ Khaled and Chris Brown. As the 16-year-old continues his rise to prominence and even fame, NY Mag recently got together with Benjamin to see what a day in the life of a sneaker liaison to the stars is really like.

At the beginning of their visit, the publication witnesses Kickz meeting up with ever-popular rapper/producer Travis Scott at Miami-Dades' Opa Locka Executive Airport. The business at hand, a sneaker exchange, of course. Benjamin shows up with his French bulldog Gucci, a bag filled with Air Jordans, and a phone that is virtually always a few seconds away from going dead.

This year alone, Ben is on pace to make $1 million USD, solely from individuals who shop from his collection at sneakerdon.com. And contrary to what some would think, he actually makes significantly more from his online sales, as opposed to deals with his rapper clientele.

“What I make in one day on the website I can’t make in a month with the rappers,” Kickz revealed. However, he does thoroughly enjoy working with some of his favorite celebrities, DJ Khaled and Chris Brown, to name a few.

After the meeting with Travis Scott, NY followed Benjamin from the airport to his house in Aventura. For an even better idea of what his daily life is like, follow on over to their website and check out the video below.

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