Between all of the Jordan and Yeezy releases over the last few months, it's been a great time for sneakers. Sure, some of you may still be bitter because one of your most anticipated (or every Yeezy) drop slipped through your fingers, but it's not just about the footwear. The entire release experience is one of the reasons why we still love the game. From the moment you set up your chair until you finally smell that fresh pair, the risk and reward of the affair is addicting, and more people are catching on.

These days, a lineup can include both OG heads and kids who might not know what "bred" even means. This unique cast of characters assembled by a pair of sneakers never ceases to surprise us. In celebration, we've rounded up the five types of sneakerheads you come across every time you line up on release day.

The Guy Who Has Bots Anyway

Lines are so overrated. Why bother waiting outside for a chance at one pair when you can run as many bots as you can, right? Release day typically involves a nice cup of tea while sitting back and watching the confirmation emails pile up. The only reason this smug fellow shows up at a release is to either get a pair for the 'gram before his other 17 ship, or hand out bagels to the less fortunate homies on the line. Why is he even here?

The Line Hopper

There’s something special about walking into a store on release day and getting your pair in hand before most people even get shipping confirmation. Some people love this feeling so much that they need their fix several times a morning, like the fellow in front of you holding pairs from another store. This guy is at the start of every line, makes friends with everyone there, and then hops around based on which stores open first. Don’t we all wish we had friends like his?

The Guy Getting Paid to be There

With plenty of services like Taskrabbit offering line-holding services, you’ve definitely seen a guy or two (or five) who couldn’t care less about social-media high-fives and is being paid to stand on line to purchase pairs for someone else. Don't get mad at him, he's just doing his job and enjoys a little conversation to pass the time. Can’t knock the hustle here.

The Mom

You can’t help but respect that mom who is out in the streets with the likes of you and your box-logo-bearing friends just trying to get the sneakers at the top of her son’s birthday wish list. She might not realize just how early she has to line up to secure a pair, but never underestimate a determined mother. If the line turns into a mess of people at the door, don’t be surprised if she’s one of the first walking out of the store. #MomPower

The “I Just Want My Pair” Guy

This, friends, is where most of us end up. No cuts, no bots, (well an Add to Cart or two never hurt anyone, right?) just old school lining up and quick fingers. This guy is only into securing his pair and swinging off any extras to the homies. Only the realest in the game can handle being told his size is sold out in store after striking out on his phone when he was waiting outside. It’s okay champ, we’ll see you and the rest of the gang next weekend.

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