After last week’s episode with Ski Mask The Slump God, Complex has linked up with retired Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt for the latest installment of Sneaker Shopping. Joe La Puma in turn met up with Bolt while out in Los Angeles to get to know the speedster, all while browsing the shelves at Blends.

Talk began with how Usain and his pals would play sports barefoot while growing up in Jamaica, then transitioning to the time he watched the Super Bowl with Michael Jordan. From there, Bolt and Puma discussed how Usain’s sponsor, PUMA, has been going hard with the celebrity endorsements — namely Rihanna and The Weeknd — as well as how the brand is always quick to lace his high school with product.

Lastly, Bolt dished on being involved with designing his own PUMA signature sneaker, which should be on the way.

To hear all of that and more — and to see what kind of heat Usain walked away with — press play above. Following, see below for other recent episodes of Sneaker Shopping.

Not NYC, not LA.