Cop It, Then Rock It

What’s more fun than buying new sneakers? Buying new sneakers at half price, of course. July has long been a fertile month for bargain hunters, with stores keen to dump their unsold inventory to make room for heavier, winterized gear. It’s worth noting that “unsold” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad”: there are myriad reasons as to why an item sometimes remains on the shelf. For sneakerheads, especially the thrifty type, it’s the only time where certain brands higher up the chain become a feasible cop.

If you’re looking to invest in a new set of kicks without loosening the purse strings too much, below you’ll find some of our recent favorites reduced to half price. From adidas Originals right through to WTAPS and Vans Vault, we’ve done our best to include something for everybody. Just make sure to read the small print and returns policy before purchasing.

When you’re finished here, find 10 of the best pink sneakers to cop right now.

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