Following the NBA Finals, we examine the fluctuating resell price of Nike and Under Armour's LeBron 12, Kyrie 1 and Curry One basketball sneakers.

Now that the dust has settled from the NBA Finals - which saw the Golden State Warriors take home basketball's most prestigious prize - it's time for another round of sneakerhead statistics, thanks to our partners over at CamplessAs LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry competed on the court, we examined the popularity of the NBA stars' respective signature shoes on the resell market, using data collated from eBay sales over a six-month period in the lead up to the finals.

While Nike are the undisputed kings of manufacturing (and in many cases, manipulating) sneaker hype, the finals showed that Under Armour - a relative newcomer to the sneaker market - are making significant inroads into the Swoosh's territory, thanks in no part to an expertly executed "MVP" edition of their flagship player Steph Curry's signature shoe. While we're not anticipating week-long campouts or riots for the brand's sneakers just yet, it's a sign of Under Armour's broader success (the label recently recorded a whopping 41% increase in Q1 sales last year) that one of their releases is being met with such high demand on the resell market.

What's interesting to note here is the growth in demand for Curry's shoe in comparison to LeBron and Kyrie's models; the Curry One exploded in popularity in May and June. By the time the finals had finished, the shoe was rivaling the LeBron 12 in popularity on the secondary market. This is reflective of the sneakerhead community - who on the whole, tend to be at least casual basketball fans - and their increasing interest in Curry on the back of his stellar performance in the finals. The release of the "MVP" edition of the Curry One in June caused a huge spike in units - at a time that both Nike models were dwindling in popularity on the resell market.

Much in a similar fashion to Nike - who love to create limited releases themed around their players' achievements - Under Armour's "MVP" sneaker celebrated Curry's Most Valuable Player title for the 2014/2015 season, and was released the day before the series' penultimate match. As the playoffs drew to a close, the sneaker's resell price reached a peak of $405; not quite Doernbecher or Yeezy territory, but a good deal better than the $230 average resell price of most Jordan Retro releases. The drop-off in sales after the shoe's release is to be expected, as the majority of sneaker resales happen on the day of release.

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Infographics: Dan Freebairn

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