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The stripped-back leather sneaker has been one of the runaway trends of recent years, with all manner of high-brow, high-cost options on the market from the likes of Saint Laurent, Acne, Balenciaga and Common Projects — to name but a few. Ironically, it seems like the less embellishment you want on a sneaker, the more you can end up paying for it. Until now, that is.

Upstart shoemakers Beckett Simonon have launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote their debut range of premium leather footwear, and it’s absolutely blitzed its target. Fashioned using the finest full-grain leather for the upper and a combined latex-cork sole unit, Beckett Simonon’s shoes also boast a 100% ethical production process, with fair wages being paid to all involved. That’s no mean feat, given that they start at just $129.

With just three days left to pledge your support, you can snap up a pair now via their Kickstarter. Don’t sleep on it.

Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

Proud Brit. Pathologically addicted to white trainers (AKA "sneakers").