We teamed up with Campless to break down which American states sell the most deadstock sneakers on the resell market.

It’s no secret that sneaker reselling is big business these days. With the secondary market for rare kicks now valued at an estimated $1 billion, the demand for exclusive sneakers has never been higher. With that in mind, we've hooked up with our friends over at sneakerhead data resource Campless to break down exactly which American states are making the most cash on the resell market; so if you're in Wisconsin and worry your Missouri sneakerhead friends have been pushing more weight than you, now's your chance to prove them wrong.

It comes as no surprise that California - which has the highest population in America - comes out on top, shifting over $15.4m worth of deadstock kicks over the course of the year (May 2014 - May 2015). New York may be the fourth most populous state in the country, but as the streetwear capital of the world it's hardly surprising it outperformed Texas and Florida (the second and third biggest state populations, respectively), coming in second place with just over $12m dollars worth of sneakers sold.

Ranks 10-20 feature a strong presence from the coasts - Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon and Connecticut proved adept at the resell game, shifting $0.98-2.5m worth of sneakers on the secondary market.

The middle of the rankings is mainly comprised of mid-sized states (no shock there); Louisiana through to Alabama sold $436-876k worth of sneakers over the course of the year.

As we go further down the rankings, it comes as no surprise that backwater states - Kansas, Indiana and the like - are minnows in the resell game, shifting between $200-360k in deadstock kicks.

At the bottom of the table, it's bad news for the Wyoming sneaker community, who only managed to shift a paltry $7,622 worth of sneakers in an entire year.

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Infographics based on eBay sales between May 2014 and May 2015, designed by Dan Freebairn. Data supplied by Campless.

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