Takashi Murakami Mr. Baily The Simple Things Sneaker
Mr. Bailey / John Chen

Takashi Murakami has unveiled an absolutely bonkers and beautiful sneaker designed by Mr. Bailey and inspired by Murakami himself. Limited to just three pairs, the shoe is a nod to The Simple Things sculpture on which Murakami collaborated with Pharrell.

The Vibram sole features gigantic teeth that are the most obvious connection to The Simple Things and, surprisingly, are 100 percent wearable. When the outer bootie, which was co-created with Timberland’s Construct:10061 innovation program, is removed a colorful inner shoe is revealed that's culled from the sculpture's mouth. Inside the tongue of the sneaker you'll also find 3D-printed versions of the jewel encrusted "simple things" on the tongue of Murakami's piece.

With three pairs made, and one recipient already spoken for, we can likely predict Pharrell will get one of the two remaining. Whoever gets the last pair is one fortunate soul.

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